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The seventh sprain…

It’s been two years since she relocated to Germany, but her first ever Christmas Party she was actually invited to. Finally a chance to prove what a wonderful creature she really was, a chance to impress and maybe find some „friends“. And she was about to show everyone what kind of Lugia she was. That’s why she wasn’t shy of using every trick she knew.

Preparing in the abandoned house she used for her own purposes – mostly to stay warm during winter, as Timey’s hideout was nice and well-hidden, but a bit too cold during winter, but also to hide when she felt the urge to spend some alone-time – she really went all-in with the stuff she was able to obtain. And with „obtain“ I mean „taking from others, hoping nobody would notice“.

She polished her feathers with coconut oil until each and every single part of her body had a nice, shiny and clean glow. Then she grabbed some chalk, some fine, dark sand, mixed both to coat the scar in her face, trying to hide it as well as she could. Though it didn’t entirely disappear, she at least managed to make it sufficiently fade. Then she removed her ankle bandage, mixed more of this makeshift-makeup, covered the large bruise with it until it was almost gone for good. Lastly she grabbed some pearls she had grabbed weeks ago, put them around her neck, walked over to the giant mirror to take a look at herself – ready to fly off to the party.

With some of the makeup-dust still in her left eye, blinding her on the left side, she totally missed the „gift“ she has received, slammed her left paw against it, lost her balance and, as she tried to regain it, felt a sharp, throbbing pain shooting up her left leg, accompanied by a loud, audible cracking noise.

a massive swelling, indicating she suffered serious damage

Luane was no stranger to ankle injuries at that point of time – suffering her first at the age of 4, another mild one in her teenager years and the third and fourth being the most severe one’s up to that point, both causing quite some lasting damage to her ankle joint, leaving an annoying instability behind. Though she had rolled her ankle two more times in the last two years, neither of those injuries was serious – just a nuisance. Unlucky number 7 however was something different – the rapidly developing swelling was something she never encountered before (not to her knowledge at least). For those who might wonder why: This very sprain renewed the damage her Talar Bone had suffered, severed all the outer tendons, one of which getting stuck between the bones – meaning this tendon wouldn’t heal anymore, leading to an even more severe instability.

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